Non-fishing vacations? Really?

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Molly and I up the Rescue Crk Trail. YNP.

The Missouri River has been calling my name for about a month now, but I have also been wanting/needing to get away and hike in the high country of Yellowstone National Park. Since the snow is light this season, we decided to head over to Gardiner, MT for a few days. There are a couple of spots in YNP that needed some looking into for summer angling.  Places that I haven’t been to before, only driven near. There are endless rivers to fish in YNP, but one must be able to walk a few miles in order to get away from the crowds. Got legs? Interested in that off the beaten path angling opportunity? 

So, we didn’t wet a line while in Gardiner.  Non-fishing vacations are good for the soul.  Not to say that casting streamers on the Missouri while waiting for trout to rise isn’t, but with married life comes compromise.  Molly loves to fish and row, but she likes to do it in the sunshine, 60+ degrees, with cold beers and in July or August……with dry flies.  Spring angling really isn’t her game. 


Sheds are a common find in the backcoutry of YNP.

I have walked many miles looking for sheds around the mountains of Montana. The collection I have accumulated is a good one, but I could have come home with piles of anters if it were legal to take them out of the Park.


Skiing near Silver Gate, MT.

There are Grizzly Bears out and about in YNP.  Wolves are around as well.  We watched the Silver Pack for a while, but were unable to see a griz. If you haven’t ever been wolf watching, put it on the list.  While it can be a bit of a scene, watching wolves is entertaining.  Just don’t bump someone’s spotting scope, they might get pissed and tell you how long it took them to find it.  And then they might go into a long lecture of how many years they have been in MT and how they are so good at it.  Really? Groupies are annoying, no matter where you are.  


Ever been here? Big Sky Anglers can take you there.

Some of the best angling is just a mile or so off the trail. Once spring run off has subsided, these streams have great dry fly fishing.  This season, these waters should be clear by late June to early July….maybe.