No mas pelota…..mas pesca

by | Jun 27, 2010 | 0 comments


Yes, the USA is now out of the World Cup.  We played good enough to win, but our defensive breakdowns and early goals have sent us home.  Honestly, I thought it was a good run for the US side.  2014 is not too far away.  Today’s game of England V Germany was a thriller.  The Germans will win the Cup if they get past this next round.  If they play Argentina it should be THE game to watch……………

The Madison is shaping up and there are rumors of Salmonflies in Beartrap Canyon.  A few folks are fishing the Big Bugs, but dropping a nymph off is working a bit better.  Anyday now, the Salmonflies are going to pop, but so will the hatch of boats.  I am headed to the Missouri for the next week to avoid the onslaught of anglers headed to the Madison for “The Hatch”.  The Mo’ is still high, but clear, and should come down some this week.  Nymphing is still king on the Missouri.  I know Gordon (the good Doc from MS) is hoping for some dry flies…….so am I.  So is everyone.