New School

by | Oct 1, 2011 | 0 comments

Manny & his first BBT.

Here at BSA, we love the younger new school crowd who is embracing fly fishing withthe passion of the old farts.  No offense to the old guys, because they are in need of respect, but the younger crowd is extremely important to future of angling with a flyrod.  The old guys aren’t going anywhere, but the new school crew is not around in that great of numbers.  Welcome New School Crew…..we love you. 

Come one, come all…….check it.

Manny and Ric, hailing from Manhatten, NY aren’t your typical East Coasters.  No offense to my East Coast clientele, but not everyone is as laid back as these two.   They booked in the classic new school style – never been to MT, read online reports, compared online forums, talked with a few outfitters and booked who they “felt” like they thought would show them a solid time…..Big Sky Anglers delivered just that.  Thanks fellas, for believing.  The bite slowed down sometime around 4 and Manny says – “I don’t care that things slowed down – I caught plenty of fish before  and after lunch.  I had a great time, the scenery alone is unreal and worth it.”  After their trip to MT, these boys were headed to Vegas to decompress before heading back to NY.  Pretty stylish trip, if you ask me. 

Ric with another BBT.