It was snaining (snow and rain at the same time) on and off throughout the day, as I peered out the windows of our newly remodeled house.  We began to move a few boxes this morning from the old rental house, mostly books from Molly’s college education and her rabid addiction to reading everything there is on the planet.  Somehow, the only books I managed to keep from college are fishing and fly tying books.  Go figure.  Molly thinks I have a ton of shit, but her books are by far heavier than anything I own, except for my ’85 Land Cruiser.

Yellowstone National Park opened up today for the 2014 season.  I’ve heard rumors of bison calves being born, but have yet to see one here on the Butte.  While a ride into YNP would be a nice change from kneeling on wood floors, I believe that taking my fly rod out for a joy ride will hold precedence over watching a geyser blow it’s top or watching fish rise on a river that’s still closed.  There is open water on the Madison Arm of Hebgen Lake, but getting there by foot or 4X4 is impossible. Skiing or a sled is the only way to wet a line, it would be worth the ski, that’s for sure. Since we don’t own a sled, that’s out of the question. Betwix the Lakes, while quite good right now, doesn’t really appeal to me at this point in the season.  The Gallatin, just north of Big Sky, is still laden with snow and there is plenty of that around here so I think I shall forgo that plan and find some green grass, somewhere down in Idaho or possibly the Madison Valley.

I guess it’s time to buy that fishing license…….