More white stuff

by | Apr 8, 2011 | 0 comments

Do we need more of this?

For 30 miles to north, south, east and west of Horse Butte,  there is 4 feet of snow on the ground…..and it is still snowing.  Dumping is a better word for it…….5 new inches of the wet and heavy on the level.  Some folks in these parts say there is 6 feet of water in our mountains.  6 feet of water, not snow, but actual water.   Will it end?  Probably not until June.  To get sane, we head down towards Ennis or Ashton, where one can see the ground – yes actually looking at grass and dirt makes us sane.   Drinking beer helps, but not cracking beers before 2 is getting harder and harder.   These crutches of mine aren’t  helping either, atleat now the Docs are letting me ride a stationary bike. 

Yes....cabin fever is setting in.

 When signing up for Winter in Yellowstone Country, there should be a few disclaimers in the contract…..upon spending a winter or winters in Yellowstone Country, one should expect the following:

  1. You will gain wieght – this much snow drives everyone to drink more beer.  This may cause problems on the homefront or with the local authorites.
  2. A child could be born sometime around Christmas of that year….just saying.  This much time inside leads to many things.
  3. Your wife/girlfriend could actually leave you for a sunny climate – not another man. 
  4. That second home you bought last summer may end up back on the market because you failed to realize just how hard winter really is.  Realtors love people like you. 
  5. Plow trucks are a great asset, and you better plan on buying one this summer.
  6. While tying flies is good fun, it too gets old.
  7.  That trip to Florida is really worth it.  
  8. By the end of Winter, you will fully understand why this part of world wasn’t settled until the 1950s.  
  9. If you don’t know how to ski, you better learn. 
  10. Girlfriends or wives are definitely a plus during the 8 months of winter…..and the rest of the year too, but especially winter.


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