More snow/rain and a touch of wind to come……

by | Sep 29, 2013 | 0 comments

The snow has been falling all around SW Montana the past several days.  It feels more like late October than late September, luckily, we still have a month left of the nice weather.  Will it get summerish again?  Yes, but for how many days is uncertain.  There will be those lovely Indian Summer days to come, but at this point, we might be able to count them on one hand.

YNP has been super busy this week with anglers flocking to West Yellowstone for the FFF Fair and of course, the fall run of trout from Hebgen Lake.  A quick drive up to the Firehole River has proven to be a good option as well for the dry fly angler, however, we have hardly been able to get past Madison Junction.  Wind has been the word of the month on the Madison River in Montana and Sunday’s forecast is calling for gusts to 60 mph.   Glancing at the current weather in the Northwest will show you what may come our way this week……more precip for sure and with any luck, more wind.

Fishing on the Madison is hanging in there, but dry fly angling has been a little difficult from time to time.  The nymph bite hasn’t been too bad either, but I have noticed some very subtle takes and those who set the hook on every single bump of the bobber are hooking more fish than others.  Streamers?  Yep, just keep stripping and something, at some point will eat it……those that love the streamer game, know what I’m talking here.

FYI  – Pennsylvania Power and Light (PPL) has sold the Madison and Missouri River dams to Northwest Energy for $900 million.   As far as I have heard, there won’t be any changes in operations on these Dams.  Cross your fingers……