More snow

by | Oct 8, 2011 | 0 comments

White Gold

The snow fell for most of the day yesterday, but turned to rain on the level.   Head up the mountain, say 500 feet, and one would find falling snow again.  There could easily be a couple feet in the high country.  Pines and firs are covered and look reminiscent of those gaudy flocked trees in shopping stores during Christmas.  I always hated the way those trees looked, but the real thing – in the woods – is so cool.   As I made my way to the Madison Valley for some bird hunting and fishing, I noticed the number of people fishing below Hebgen, as is always the case.  This section gets pounded all year long…….why is that?  During the winter there is easy access, so that makes sense.  It is a beautiful stretch of river, but I wonder if anglers would fish it if they knew just how busy it gets in there.  The rest of the river, down in the valley was almost void of anglers.  More to my liking….

Stella, tired and wet. Hunted hard.