With the snow pack hovering around 89 percent in the Madison Range with 85 percent snow water equilvalent, it is about time for a storm to roll in and drop a couple of feet. I know the elk and bison are enjoying their mild winter, but the trout are in need of another good water season. Not to worry just, yet as there is still plenty of time for the precipitation to fall. Sometimes, it feels as if Spring is right around the corner….but Mother Nature always has the final say.

  For the past  2 weeks there have been trout rising everyday on the Firehole River upstream of the Canyon.  For now all we can do is watch them rise and only wish to drift a fly in there.  There has been good dry fly fishing from time to time in the Madison Valley.  Nymphs are king however and stoneflies, sjws, midge pupa, mayflies and caddis pupa willl bring more fish to the net…..if of course that is what you’re after. 

The scenery in the valley is amazing this time of the year. There are huge heards of elk, eagles cruising the air and midges getting eaten on the Madison River. The snowline on the river seems to disappear as you get to McAtee Bridge and walking the banks is relativly easy.  The sun is setting after six pm giving us a little more sanity this time of the year. 

Yesterday while driving snowcoach, we saw four wolves crossing Mule Shoe Bend on the Firehole and then head back toward Fairy Falls. They drew quite a crowd of onlookers.  That particular pack is kwown as the Canyon’s.  A wildlife researcher told me that the Molly Pack and the Gibbon Meadows Pack are in the same area as well….it is the breeding season, but that is a bunch of wolves. There are only 3 weeks left in the season and if the snow holds on a bit longer might get to see those big dogs a little more often. p1010092.JPG