6/17/05 – 6/20/05Headed up to the Missouri River below Holter Lake for several days of guiding. The flow started out at 3200 and had been stable fore well over 2 weeks. We floated Mid-Canon to Pelican Point and had good dry fly fishing with various caddis patterns. There were small pods and lots of singles to work on. Sometime around noon that day PPL blew the whistle and let out 1000 cfs. It took awhile for that water to get downstream to us, but once it did, the fishing went straight down hill. For the next few days they let out almost 1000 cfs a day and the fishing got tough. There were stumps, 20 ft 2X4’s and huge mats of weeds floating down the river. We were able to get some nice fish throughout the day but, nothing worked consistently. I checked the flows today and things have settled down up there. The flows have been steady for the last 3 days so things should be getting back to normal up there. There are good Caddis hatches in the Canyon and the PMDs are starting to roll off the riffles. I will be headed back up there on 6/25/05 for a few more day of guiding and will get another report next week.