Missouri River Report

by | Jun 2, 2011 | 0 comments

G. Falls, Kevin & Gordy. Snow in the high country.

From Holter Dam to the Dearborn, the Missouri River has been good to great at times.  Greg, Biggie and I have been rowing customers down the Missouri and mainly staying above Craig.  Greg and I ventured down to Stickney Creek today and found plenty of trout willing to eat worms and sow bugs.  Tomorrow is airport day.  More anglers arrive who will be fishing with us and a few guides from Headhunters Fly Shop through the weekend. 

Kevin nets another one.

The Missouri is huge and can be overwhelming at times.  The lines are subtle and it can be easy to get off track.  Yesterday, a malfucntion at the Holter Dam dropped the river down 3000 cfs and the back up 5000 cfs.  The trout really didn’t seem to mind.   We have been able to find trout on some of the banks, allowing us to fish a shorter worm/nymph rig.  Otherwise, 10 to 11 foot rigs with two sowbugs and two bb shot has done the trick. 

Two in the bag.