Kuhnert. Rainbow...not a laker.

 Hit the Missouri for a little recon today.  Not too much bright sun, but the big clouds just wouldn’t stick around long enough to make anything pop.  Bugs were few, the weeds were plenty and we caught some nice fish.  It wasn’t stellar but fishing with G Falls and Mike Kuhnert is something that doesn’t happen all that often and therefore we had a blast.  The three of us guide together during the spring and fall, but rarely get a chance to fish.  The trout were where they were suppossed to be, it just wasn’t lights out.  Tomorrow’s weather is calling for clouds and precipation.

hmmmm…baetis??  maybe.  They have yet to really show up. 


Short leash…worked today in the bright sun, tomorrow could be epic with bugs.

Testing out a new rod the past few days.  A 9 ft 6 wt.  Loads effortlessly.  Mends really well.  Fights a trout like nothing else.  More details in the future.  For now, it needs time on the water. 

This stick is sweet. More on it later.