by | Apr 8, 2012 | 0 comments

We ventured downstream again today, this time to Mallard.  Most of us had never been below 13, and honestly, after fishing this lower stretch, I wouldn’t float anywhere else on the Big Horn.  Quality streamer water mixed with dry fly flats, almost alternating with each other was quite fun.   One could have nymphed up trout along the way, if you wanted.  We did not.   There was minimal wind displacement, maybe the occasional north breeze, which made for stacks of midges rolling down the river…..all day long.   They ate clusters and at times we had to find a smaller fly to fool a larger fish in the slow water.   On one particular island chain, all six of us were out wade fishing to rising fish.   Once the light was off the water, the river was alive with trout and fishing 3x with a #14 midge cluster was too much fun.

Tomorrow we are out of here and headed for Livingston.  They back to West Yellowstone for a couple of days on the Madison.   This spring has seen some great fishing thus far, are you coming out?