Madison River Report 06.27.2012

by | Jun 27, 2012 | 0 comments

Over the past few days the wind on the Madison, actually throughout SW Montana and Eastern Idaho, has been relentless…..30 mph sustained wind and gusting to 50.  What that really means is that my arms are three inches longer from pulling on those damn oars!  The fishing has been pretty good, despite the nasty wind.  Above, is 9 yr old Aidan.  He had never thrown a fly rod before and managed to get this nice 20 inch brown trout on a Bob Jacklin Salmonfly.  This was not his only trout as the youngster learned to cast in the 30 mph wind – with a dry fly, and stuck a bunch of nice fish.  He also learned to nymph as well….his favorite fish on the nymph was an 18 inch Whitefish…..kids are so cool.

If a 9 yr old can learn to cast in gale force winds, then anyone can.  Keep that in mind the next time you’re whining about the wind in Montana.

The salmonflies are now just above Ruby Creek, thick as thieves on those long willow lined banks.  We have been experiencing some of the best hatches of caddis, mayflies and stoneflies I have seen in several years here on the Madison River.  The valley is a bit smokey from the Pony and Beartrap fires and those fires will continue to burn…Google it for some amazing pictures.  The Beartrap fire is 4500 acres and the Pony fire is around 4800 acres.