Madison River Report 05.19.2013

by | May 20, 2013 | 0 comments

She’s open and dirty, but fishing really well.  There might be a foot or so of visibility, but trout have to eat and fishing a big rubber legs on 6lb Maxima is a ton of fun.  We also played around with small nymphs as a solid hatch of BWOs rolled down the river over the weekend.  Flies like a #16 or #14 PT worked just fine.  A few fish rose, along the banks and in skinny water, but 99% of the action was under a bobber.  Honestly, right now, it doesn’t really matter what flies you fish.  Just get it in there, try not to drag it and hold on.  Lots of rainbows are still spawning and with this dirty water, it’s really tough to see the redds.  Shallow water and gravel……that’s where they are.

The Madison’s trout are healthy and the populations seems stable, despite what some folks think about the upper Madison.  On Saturday, anglers came out of the wood work to enjoy the river.  Today, not so much.  A north wind was blowing rain upstream and it felt pretty brisk out there.  Molly and I got out for a couple of hours, then ended up at the Grizzly Bar for dinner and a seat by the wood stove.   45 degrees, a north wind and rain will drive most anglers indoors at some point.