The Madison is running a bit higher (1440 CFS) than we have seen it at this time of the year compared to the past few seasons, but the river is in great shape and the trout are definitly on the bite. Early June finds a lot of fishing guides with time on their hands…… most of us hit the river hard on those charished days off because before long we will be rowing the boat none stop all summer. The four of us hit Reynolds and headed downstream river right. We walked about half way to 3 Dollar and started fishing our way back up the river. We were able to nymph up a few trout, but nothing was very consistent. After a brief lightning show and some hail, we fished our way back to Reynolds bridge and hung out on the small chain of islands below the bridge. For whatever reason, the fishing picked up and we got into some nice fish. Big rubber legs stone flies seem to be producing the best action, but a smaller pheasant tail or serendipity took a few good fish as well. Be careful wading the river right now as the current is powerful and things can get scary quick.