Madison River Rec Plan – CAC revealed……

by | May 13, 2012 | 0 comments

The Madison River Recreation Management Plan has advanced in it’s planning process as of Friday, May 11, 2012.  FOAM announced that the CAC has been chosen, but it looks as if the total number of committee members has shrunk from 12 down to 7.   Throughout the scoping process, FWP touted a committee of 12, yet someone has decided that smaller is better.   There were three worthy applicants from West Yellowstone, myself included, who desired a spot on the Citizen’s Advisory Council.   Unbelievably, the town of West Yellowstone was left off the list by those in charge. I can’t wait to hear why.  What rationale can there be?

The Madison River Recreation Management Plan CAC members:

Robin Cunningham – Gallatin Gateway
John Way – Ennis
Joe Dilschneider – Ennis
Bob Gibson – not sure
Joe Fontaine – not sure
Lee McKenna – not sure
Philip Naro – not sure

The top three are friends of mine and in all honesty, are solid individuals from the outfitting and guiding community.  The other four are new names to me.  Where are they from?  I guess we’ll know shortly.    Hopefully, FWP will release all the names and their origins, of those who applied to the CAC.