Madison River: Quake to Varney

by | Aug 30, 2005 | 0 comments

This morning I woke up to what seemed like a classic October day……cold, rain/snow and then slightly warming up in the afternoon with sunshine. Down in the Madison Valley there was a blizzard for about an hour or so and visibility was minimal. I was at home by the fire drinking coffee and tying up some olives for the next day thanking my lucky stars for a day off. The last five days were good on the Madison. There was a little wind……but the fish were eating. Fishing stone flies, bunny fir, and small bead heads proved to work great in the mornings up and down the entire river. Once the river warmed up dry flies worked pretty well for the rest of the day. There have been some BWO’s and there are ants around that keep the trout looking up. A #16 Adams dropped of a #14 Royal Stimulator rose a lot of nice trout. About half way between Ruby and Mac there are fish looking up for hoppers and we had good fish coming up to them all the way down past Story Ditch. Most fish took an ant pattern over the hopper. I have had some decent hopper fish upstream of Ruby, but smaller dries will catch more fish.