Madison River: Quake to Ennis

by | Sep 13, 2005 | 0 comments

Over the past week, Fall has arrived. The aspens are just bearly showing some yellow, the elk are feeling their oats and there is snow in the peaks. Yes, it is cold……and it will warm back up again. I have heard reports of big browns moving out of Ennis Lake, but the browns in Hebgen have not yet begun to stage. If the weather stays cold, the tribs to Hebgen will cool and that will signal the browns to begin their run. There have been less anglers so far this Fall fishing the Madison down in the valley. Quite frankly, I like that. A little solitude is great for the soul. The nymph fishing has been good with rubber leg stone flies, small pheasant tails, $3 dips, and the occational lightning bug on overcast days. BWO’s have been emerging a little bit, but not as much I would have thought. We have had a lot of cloudy days on the Madison so I would expect to see them at any time. The Fall dark caddis has been hatching and the trout ar looking up for them. I great rig to fish mid-day is a #14 Brown Elk Hair followed by a #14 or #16 Parachute Adams. The hopper fishing is not over, just postponed until we have alittle sunshine in the valley. Don’t forget the big streamers as there are a few trout willing to give chase.