Madison River: Lyons Bridge to Ruby Creek

by | Jul 19, 2005 | 0 comments

The past three days have been fantastic dry fly fishing all day long from ramp to ramp. Today I floated with an long time client/friend and we had a great time casting elk hair caddis and parachute pmds. We put on at 11:00 am and floated until 9:15 pm. I was expecting the last two hours of the night to be the best part of the day, but to my surprise the trout were not feeding as heavily as one might have thought. There were egg laying caddis all over the banks, yellow sallies were fluttering through the air and the mayfly spinners were everywhere. We had our best fishing from Lyons to the Swallow Cliffs below Palisades, but for whatever reason the larger trout stopped rising once the set over the Gravelly Range…….who knows what makes them tick. We had dinner at the Grizz and there quite a few anglers that came in well after dark. Many of them had been up around 3$ and Reynolds Pass. From the sound of it, the trout were rising until the last bit of light. The moon is almost full tonight and I would bet there are still trout taking flies.