Madison River – Lyons Bridge to Palisades

by | Aug 17, 2005 | 0 comments

Most folks think that August is too dry and hot and therefore the angling suffers. At the bar the other night a few of us were discussing the weather patterns over the past few seasons. This is the third summer in a row that August has been wet and cool, providing great angling. Some folks think that August is not that great of fishing, but in reality the fishing is still as good as July but one’s skill level must be well polished. Fact is, the trout are still hungry and willing to eat, but the getting the perfect drift is much more important than the other months, excluding maybe September. Angling pressure is to blame for that. One must make good presentations 70% of the time in order to make fish rise consistently on the Madison during August. Today was a prime example of just that. My clients today were able to place the fly on the river, float the fly and not drag it for 30-40 feet. They rose some nice fish and brought several good 16+ inch trout to the boat. They weren’t the best anglers that I have had in my 15 foot vessel, but they did made it happen with dry flies. We fished small dries all day long. Most of the fish ate a #14 Royal Trude, #14 Parachute Adams or a #14 Rusty Para Adams.