The photo above is from today.  Can you see all the debris floating in the lake?  I’m not exactly sure when the two avalanches occurred, but there was a huge pile of trees and logs stacked up on the bank near the highway.  My guess is that it happened in the last week or so, and I would bet that more debris keeps melting out of the slide.  The motor boat in lake looked to be clearing out the race of larger trees.  Downstream of Cabin Creek, the river was a bit off color, but green none the less.  Lots of shit was drifting in the river – limbs with green needles, lodge pole pine stumps and a few full length trees had floated down and lodged themselves on the boulders throughout the river.  A couple of new pools had formed from the debris……gotta love that.  Since the wind was blowing, I nymphed through the late morning and early afternoon, snagging the bottom quite a bit.  However, the trout were on the bite right away, eating stone flies and midge patterns.  Some of the rainbows were in full spawning colors and others were chrome – all of them were hot fighters.  At one point I hooked a brown, a large one, and after jumping to eye level, it ran straight at me and under the bank, only to come out about 5 feet downstream and break off.  How big?  At least 20, maybe in the 22 inch class…..girthy as well.

We are headed back over to Cody again for the next week and will be dragging the drift boat with us.  I can’t wait to get back over to Thermop.