Madison River Fishing Report

by | Nov 30, 2011 | 0 comments

Reynold's Pass Bridge

There were midges rolling down the bank upon arrival to the Madison this afternoon.  A couple of noses poked through, but nothing consistent.  After fishing tiny, itty bitty dry flies in tough light, a switch over to nymphs was needed.  Midge patterns fooled plenty of trout and I had the river to myself.  A couple of anglers had been upstream on the other side, but I only saw them depart for their rig.  Winter angling is here.  From time to time the dry fly fishing will be good, but one must prepare to nymph most of the time.  With flows at 1270 CFS (Kirby Gage) the river is in great shape.  The pockets are actually deeper than they were back in August, which is not how it should have been since the lake was kept full for the entire summer….anyway, it will be interesting if the river gets colder than normal this winter since the water is once again releasing off the top of the lake.

How long will the construction at Hebgen Dam last you ask? 

Well, PPL says at least until 2014.  I heard a rumor that the water will release off the top for the next two years, but that’s just a rumor.  Getting any kind of press release from PPL and FWP on the construction time lines at Hebgen Dam has been a nightmare.  It seems as if neither side has a clue what’s going on…..if they do then they aren’t saying much when asked.