The Madison River has been inconsistent as of late.  Why?  Who knows at this point.  The river is starting to cool off and quite possibly, the fish are getting used to this.  Brown trout are on the move throughout the river system, some days they are on the bite and some days they aren’t.  Browns are hard to understand – they feed when they feel like it.  The full moon is on it’s way out, so maybe more fish will feed during the day.  At this point, one can have a banner day on the Madison and then have a tougher day the next.   Yesterday, I floated my parents down the Madison River and my Mother, above, caught more fish than my Dad!   While the bite was a little off, we had our best luck fishing nymphs and dead drifting streamers.  The morning bite has been much better than the afternoon bite – at least for my boat.  The hopper fishing this season has been less than stellar.   Walking the banks of the river one will find less hoppers than the past few years.  Yet, when hiking in the mountains and the benches above the Madison, there are quite a few.  Will they migrate down to the banks of the river during September?  Hopefully so.

Over the Labor Day weekend I joined up with Steve Hoovler, owner of Oarsman Expeditions, for an Oarsman Road Trip.  We picked the fellas up in Bozeman and headed over to Paradise Valley for a float on the Yellowstone, then spent a day fishing an unnamed river in YNP and wrapped up the trip on the Madison River.  Vince, below, had never cast a flyrod prior to this trip but picked up the techniques and caught some nice fish over the three days.  Summer road trips are a ton of fun – three rivers in three days.  Thanks Steve!