Madison River Fishing Report – 08/18/2011

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We float guided the Madison today and honestly, ER and I had no idea of what to expect.   We prepped Gordon, Philip and Herm for what could be a tough day on the Madison.  The trout in the float stretch have been weary,  picky, snotty, just plain assholes and then some days stupid as they get.  There really hasn’t been any reasoning behind why our fish are acting this way because the pressure is just not there since the Yellowstone came in to shape.   Today, they were stupid and rose quite well to Royal Wulffs, Spruce Moths and Hoppers.  The afternoon hopper bite was very good and fish rose in the middle of the river……always a great time when one can drift the middle hitting the sexy deep riffles and smash’em on dry flies.  Will it be like that tomorrow?  Who knows…….she is moody.  Go with flow, enjoy it for what is.  Fish hard,  listen to your guide and for Pete’s sake – let’em eat it.

This one ate a Royal Wulff.....so did many other.

Today’s light upstream wind, big fluffy clouds and cool air made for great fishing.  The Madison never really got all that warm, which helped out our bite for sure.   I continue to ask myself why the bite was so good compared to the past 3 weeks of hit and miss angling, but there are no solid answers.  We had great anglers in the boat who paid attention even when things would slow down – that was a huge benefit.  There was no whining when the Madison dulled out the slow period around 3 pm for 40 minutes…….they continued to reach cast, hitting the right spots again and again.   And our boys didn’t miss all the big fish…..they landed a bunch of nice trout from 10 to 17 inches – all on dry flies. 

The Madison Valley