Flows have bumped up over the past twelve hours, hopefully, this will help to insulate the deeper runs in the Upper Madison River.  We just might get a little more water in the days to come.    Floating lower in the river the past few days, putting in at MacAtee Bridge and fishing down to Varney, has been a nice change to the Lyons Bridge scene.  There is less traffic down low, the water has been cool and the fishing yesterday was superb.  Today….. pretty good, but the larger trout weren’t as easy to hook.  We fished hoppers/stones out the gate with some success but then switched over to the Girdle Bug and beadhead before lunch.  After a bite to eat in the shade of the cottonwood stand, we went back to the hopper and found limited success in the middle of the river.   Some nice browns rose up, but we failed to hook them.  Storm after storm rolled through the Madison Valley this afternoon and we managed to stay dry for the most part.  Don’t forget that rain jacket……..

The river is keeping somewhat cool (mornings are great, afternoons are weather dependent) with thanks and praise to Mother Nature and her wet and cloudy ways.   Yesterday morning was 35 degrees……perfect.  With any luck, the afternoon rain showers will continue on through the rest of the July and on into August.  The Madison will continue to fish as long as the river stays cold.  Cross your fingers…..