Madison River Fishing Report 07.11.2012

by | Jul 12, 2012 | 0 comments

We are happy to report that the Madison is holding up quite well thus far.  The hot and dry summer has been met with a few afternoon thunder storms which are helping to keep the river cool and the fish hungry.  We have seen a day or two of warmer than normal river temps, so we prefer to get on the water early and avoid the late afternoon warm up.  Insects are hatching in good numbers up and down the Madison, some days better than others.  None the less, the fish are looking up for a dry morsel to pick off the surface.  Be warned – the trout on the Madison which rise are sneaky – very, very sneaky.  You will not hook them all, neither could I.  But if you are patient and a have some skills, or maybe some luck (better to be lucky than good), you will hook several nice trout.  What happens next is completely up to the one holding the rod.

Nymphing in the Float Stretch has been good as well, but the olde school angler living inside me just wants to show anglers how to catch trout on the surface.  Chasing the bobber puts fish in the net, for sure…..but when trout are willing to rise to blind fished dry flies, one must fish it dry.  Don’t break the wrist…..Wait on the back cast…reach cast…..let’em eat it.  Please, just let’em eat it…they want to.

The Madison seems healthy this season with the best hatches I have seen since before Hebgen Dam failed in 2008.   PPL is doing a better job this summer keeping the flows up to normal levels.  With any luck, this will continue on through August.  What to expect in the month to come is anyone’s guess.  Pray for rain…and clouds……..and bugs.  Mother Nature is in control.