Madison River Fishing Report 06.22.2012

by | Jun 22, 2012 | 0 comments

The Big Bugs have arrived on the Madison near Ennis, about as early as most of the local folks expected.   The weather is prime for the hatch to move quickly, but honestly, there could be pockets of salmonflies popping up and down the river over the next several days.   We fished Varney to Town and found the bugs to be upstream of 8 Mile.  On some banks, they were thick and falling into the river, yet I watched quite a few drift along an not get eaten.  Tomorrow will be good in there once again.   We got a few fish to eat off the bank, but there seemed to be more fish sitting under the cuts, willing to come out and smack the fly.  It was not great fishing from ramp to ramp, but we did have about 4 miles of good dry fly fishing.  Now is the time you should be here…….