Madison River Fishing Report 06.18.2012

by | Jun 19, 2012 | 0 comments

The flows out of Hebgen Dam have dropped down to 1340 cfs, from 1500 or so.  At Kirby Ranch the Madison is sitting at 1930 cfs…..perfect flows for trout fishing.   Molly and I splashed the boat around noon today and floated down to Palisades.  We started out with a dry/dropper rig and caught several fish along the banks, gravel bars and seams of boulders.   About half way through the float we switched to the bobber rig with a Rubber Leg and Hare’s Ear.   The nice brown above ate the Hare’s Ear.

Cabin and Beaver Creeks were a bit off color, but nothing really to get be alarmed about as Quake Lake will filter some of it.   Most of us around here enjoy fishing the Madison when it’s a shade dirty….especially once the Big Bugs come around.   When is that you say?  Well, there are salmonflies in Bear Trap Canyon and some folks have been fishing adult salmonflies around Ennis with minimal success.  Any day now the Madison above Ennis is gonna explode with insect life.  Yes, it’s early.  Last year, the salmonfly hatch started just after the the Fourth of July and really got going around the 11th of July..  Remember folks, this is a different year.  The river will fish differently as well.  Plan on it.

If I were you, I would drop everything and get on out to SW Montana..……really, I wouldYou see, the river is pretty darn empty and some of the best fishing of the season is right now. If you’re looking for last minute help on where to go or feel the need to hire a guide, give us a call.