Madison River Fishing Report 03.08.2013

by | Mar 9, 2013 | 0 comments

High up on the volcano it was wet and snowing.  As we rounded Quake Lake, the clouds parted and sunshine appeared, giving way to the Madison Valley.  It’s a different world down in the valley, and I love it.  Elk numbered in thousands on the benches above the river.  While the snow pack at 7000 feet is nearing 100%, there is bare ground along the river bottom below Palisades.  Four feet of snow sits in the yard on Horse Butte, walking in the grass, however brown it may be, is so very nice.  After a stop to run the drahthaars, we cracked another beer and walked down to a big slick.

There were heads and no wind.

We caught fish and drank more beer.

It felt like Spring……