Madison River Fishing Report 02/04/2012

by | Feb 4, 2012 | 0 comments

Winter in the Valley

 This week’s warm weather has made for good fishing down in the valley.  There has been some decent midging and the rubber legs has worked well when they aren’t rising.  Regardless, the weather has been super nice…..almost too nice.  Some folks are starting to forget that it’s Winter.   I hooked several fish that ripped up stream and caught air – not the typical behavior in February.

Rubber leg victim

We get one more day this year to fish the Madison, you can thank Leap Year for that little nugget.  The only downfall to Leap Year is that it’s shared with the Election Year…..giving us all one more day of the Washington Shenanigans.  

 For the next two nights, I will be shacking up at the Snow Lodge in YNP.  We have a three day photo tour through the Interior.  Up early, out late, find wildlife.