Madison River Fishing Report 02.19.2013

by | Feb 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Today was the day.  You missed it, actually just about everybody missed it.  Fortunately for you, there will be a few more days like this one….maybe.  By chance, I had the day off and ran to Ennis to take care of life.   After a quick stop at the Madison River Fishing Company, I got on down the road and headed for the river.  A south wind was cranking on Cameron flats as I drove towards West Yellowstone.  I stopped at Windy Point and aired the dogs – still windy, always is.  Heading upstream, along the wade stretch of the Madison an unusual thing happened – the wind laid down.  It was noon, 35 degrees and hardly a breeze was blowing.  Speeding up to Reynolds Pass and only seeing two other rigs, I quickly wadered up and grabbed both rods.  One can always use two fly rods in the winter as re-riggin for nymphs is a pain in the ass.

FYI – if you don’t take two rods, the wind will surely blow, then lay down for thirty minutes, blow again once more and then lay down again.

Walking along the banks of the river, midges were tumbling and clustering up, I walked faster.   Nearly breaking a sweet, I finally made it to a likely spot for rising fish.  The slick was packed with heads, so I sat down to observe and tied on my new #16 Compara-buzz (shown below and recently picked up by MFC).  My first cast was sloppy, it skated and then got slammed by a ten inch rainbow.  Both rainbow and brown trout were throwing themselves at the fly today, some of which taped out at 16-18 inches…..they rose like it was July.  The river was alive.

Luck was on my side this afternoon, as it’s a rare day for the wind to stop blowing once it has started.  Better to be lucky than good.