The river is flowing 794 cfs out of Hebgen and things are getting a little skinny on the Madison. Thankfully, the cool overnight temperatures are keeping the river chilled. The dry fly fishing is in full swing now and there are caddis, pmds, yellow sallies, and even a few flavs Today I floated Lyon’s Bridge to Palisades with Evan and Allison from New York. In the morning we had slight upstream breeze that kept it fairly cool, but at about 10:30 the pmd spinners came out in force and a lot of nice trout had their heads up. Later in the day the pmds poured off the river, the caddis were bouncing and there were lots of sallies flying around. They ate a #14 rusty spinner or parachute for most of the day and we took a few fish on a #14 elk hair caddis as well.