Madison River below Quake Lake

by | Aug 2, 2005 | 0 comments

I must apologize to those folks who read my report on the Madison River. There is no excuse, but I have been guiding everyday since my last report on 7/19. July ended as one of the very best dry fly fishing months that I have seen in a while. Once the PMDs starting coming off in early July the fish ate them everyday almost all day long. Spinners in the morning and duns in the afternoons. August is now here and we still have a few mayflies coming off on in the afternoon. Caddis are around, but more importantly there are Spruce Moths and the trout are eating them. I have not had the greatest hopper fishing yet but there is still alot of time for that. The trout are eating ants in the afternoon but they are being very sneaky about it. The last few days have been very wet. Today, there was a lightning storm like I have never seen before. We watched several electric blue bolts hit the foot hills right above the river. It was scary at times. There was a fire started just down stream from Lyons Bridge, but the GNF Firefighters got it out quickly. Before and after the rain, the nymph bite was incredible. There were big trout eating rubber legs and small soft hackles. We also caught fish on serendipities and the 3$ dip. The overnight temps have been cool and with the afternoon rain showers the river should stay cool throughout August.