“There’s mosquitos on the river, fish are rising up like birds, it’s been hot several weeks now, too hot to even speek now…..did you here what I just heard?” GD

The Firehole River in YNP has been on fire since the opener. There have been beatis, PMDs, caddis and Salmon flies. Today I fished the Firehole from about 2pm-6pm and there were plenty of fish rising in the Canyon and above. The fish aren’t as big as most of the other rivers in the area, but any fish that rises is worth fishing to.

The Madison in MT is still a little off color (more green than brown), but totally fishable and there are plenty of anglers catching fish on nymphs. I have caught fish on dries down there during the past week, but it has not been anything to write home about. Rubber-leg Stones, SJWs, Pheasant Tails, soft hackles and Serendipities have been working just fine.

The flows have come up a little bit down in the float section due to rain and warm weather and there is still snow to melt off. The West Fork of the Madison is flowing off color again, but the right bank is fishing for a few miles. It is raining in the mountains north of Hebgen as I write. The thunder and lightning is amazing, as it lights up the sunset.