Madison River

by | Aug 2, 2006 | 0 comments

The flow out of Hegben is 1460 cfs. That is about 350 cfs higher than the average. Thankfully, the river is keeping cool from the higher flows and the daytime temps are back to normal. This morning at my house it was 46 degrees. Felt like Fall………..4 more weeks till archery season opens!!!! This is the year of the bull.

From the early morning to about one or two in the afteroon the fishing has been good with Epeorus Spinners, Spruce Moths, PMD Criples, Royal Wulfs, Royal Trudes, X-Caddis and the almighty Elk Hair. Last week the river was a little off in the afternoon from Lyons to Mac. There has been a hopper bite here and there, but nothing consisent. A few days ago trout really started eating ants. They have been eating them here and there over the past few weeks, but now they seem to be looking for them. The Red Ass Ant is fooling many trout throughout the afternoon in all stretches of the Madison.

From Mac to Varney the terrestrials have been working really well and there are PMDs, Epeorus and Spruce Moths down there too……..don’t forget about big hairy streamers in the mornings and then late. We had a client last week who was on one of our afternoon to dark trips and he rolled an XL Brown trout on a mouse at the Palisades Boat Ramp………