Madison River

by | Aug 28, 2006 | 0 comments

This morning I went out at 6:00 am to listen for elk to bugle. The fog was thick and the air was warmer than we had hoped, but we did here two sound off at the early hint of Fall. The opener for archery season is this Saturday………Friday is the upland bird opener. This afternoon I am headed out for an afternoon of busting clays with a few local fishing bums. None of us have shot since last Fall and are in dire need of trigger time.

Every year, in late August, something in the mountains changes. Maybe it’s the cool, crisp air that snaps you awake in the morning when you have walked out in sandals and shorts forgeting that it is 29 degrees outside. Or it could be that 17 inch Brown Trout that is buttery-scotch with big red dots which chased down your streamer all the way to the oars and then slammed it. Whatever it may be, one thing is for sure – Fall in Montana is knocking on the door.

The flows on the Madison are hovering right around 1000 cfs. Things are skinny is some places, but there are trout holding nicely in the skinny water. Streamers are moving fish on the cold mornings and the BWO’s are coming off most everyday around 10:00 am below Lyons Bridge. When it warms up in the afternoon the trout will eat a well drifted hopper, but they might make sure is has six legs and looks like the real McCoy first. Various ant patterns are still working and have been a major part of my guiding and personal fishing. Trout love ants.

The gulper fishing has been on Hebgen Lake. A good caster can have the opportunity to catch 5-10 risers per day on the arms of Hebgen. There have been honey ants around Hebgen as well as good amounts of Cali Spinners.