Yes…….it has been awhile since this page was last updated. Things have been busy around here with trips to the Missouri, Fall fishing on the Madison in the Park, bird hunting trips and a little elk hunting. I leave for a 2 week long bird hunting trip on Sunday and this will be the last report until I return from chasing birds around Eastern Montana and Canada.

The Madison in the Park has fished really well this season. There are lots of brown trout in the runs and the rainbows are right behind them. The past three days have been sunny with afternoon temps in the 50s. The mornings are chilly and the ice is thick on the windshield. Stripping or swinging big streamers in YNP on overcast days will produce big strikes. Hooking and landing all of those fish is tough, but you will have the chances. Nymphing the runs on bright sunny days with SJ Worms, PTs, Serendipities and Rubber Leg Stones will produce as well. Just make sure to get you flies down to the bottom…..remember NON LEAD split shot is law.

The Madison in MT is still fishing and the river is once again un-crowded. There have been good hatches of BWOs on most days up and down the enitre river. If you are patient and watch the river for a few moments a nice rainbow will show itself.

Stripping streamers can be really good this time of the year. Switch colors until you find one that works and vary the retrieval. Big olive sculpin patterns move large trout in October on the Madison. Good luck landing them once they eat your fly….

The Missouri was good last week when I was up there fishing with Holly. We mostly nymphed with small mayflies and SJ worms. There were fish rising to caddis, tiny BWOs and the large October Caddis. Swinging streamers through the runs also gave us some big strikes. All in all, the Mighty Mo fished pretty good.

I am done guiding for the season and will be leaving Montana around the first week of November. We are headed Boone, NC for the winter after a stay Illinois to visit the folks. Thanks to everyone who came out and fished with me this summer. This is possible because of you. Without great clients, Big Sky Anglers would not exist.

I will be updateing this page from time to time this winter as there are many things happening in the Madison Valley. There are new regulations in the works for outfitting and guiding. Check back to read up on the happenings in the area.