Madison River 05/22/11

by | May 23, 2011 | 0 comments

Skwala Stonefly.

 I ran down to the Madison again today……why wouldn’t I?  What else did I have to do?  It is Sunday, but I woke up early just to get some work done before heading to the river.  Emails, trip planning, deposits recorded in the book, preparations for the Missouri next week, you know – work.   I couldn’t wait to get back down to the river.   Pulling into Pine Butte, there wasn’t a soul around.  With in about 20 minutes, there were four more cars, full of anglers, who jumped out already rigged and wadered…..they must have been up stream fishing.  I took off walking down stream rigged with a rubber leg and purple lighting bug.  It was good, very good at some points of the day and my fly choice proved to be deadly – I never switched once.