Madison & Missouri

by | Jul 1, 2006 | 0 comments

Lyons Bridge and Beyond

Every morning upon arriving to the put-in, there has been hundreds of PMD Spinners fluttering above the river. The trout are eating them in the morning and then on to the Duns about 10:00 am. The females are creamy-yellow with a light olive thorax. The males are rusty. The Trusty Rusty parachute has been foulling many trout. Rainbows and Browns seem to eat the smaller flies better than the Big Bug when there is this much pressure on the Madison. The X-Caddis from Blue Ribbon Flies is the other fly that I have been fishing in front of the PMD. It is a great combination this time of the year.

The Missouri

The Mightly Mo was amazing. The fishing were rising for most of the day and they ate nymphs as well. Hunting heads was the game. PMD duns and spinners were all an angler needed to get the job done along with a fly first down stream drift. There are big rainbows rising in the riffles from 10 am till about Noon everyday. I even landed one that taped out at 21 inches. He ate a parachute PMD on the first cast. I love big dumb trout that rise. Nymping was good was well, but it is hard to nymph when there are heads.

The Madison

I guided yesterday from Lyons to Ruby and had decent fishing on dry flies and nymphs. We did have good action on Royal Trudes, Para PMDs and Yellow Stimis. The trout did not eat the big bug very well on that section. From Windy Piont to Story Ditch the Salmon Fly was the ticket. I talked with several guides last night at the bar who did float W-SD and had great fishing on the Big Bug. I am floating my Dad and Holly today and will be on the Madison everyday for the next 2 weeks. Check back for more information.

If you are coming out and interested in fishing, please let me know as July is booking up and I only have about 5 days left on my calendar to guide. August is filling in, but there are plenty of dates to choose from.