Madison & Missouri

by | Jun 12, 2008 | 0 comments

I just got back a few days ago from the 5 days on the big river to the north. The Missouri (14,000 cfs) is huge and one day we floated at 15,900 cfs. We caught trout on long leaders, 13ft to the second bug, using a 3/0 split and one tung head worm. After dropping our clients off at the boat at 2pm, I headed for West Yellowstone as I had trips lined up for the next few days.

 The Madison (1700cfs)  is fishing very well right now with big rubber legs, sj worms, and bead head nymphs. The river is dropping and clearing with all the cold weather. I saw fish rise today while guiding Reynolds Pass, but did not fish to them. The nymph bit was on. We have been hammered with snow the several days and when things warms up, the Madison will get ugly again.  Cabin Creek is dirty but not too bad and Beaver Creek is fairly clear and fishable, if you like turbulant water, calving moose and the always possible grizz with a cub.