Madison and Missouri Fishing Report

by | Aug 1, 2007 | 0 comments

Over the past 5 weeks I have been guiding the Missouri and Madison rivers everyday. The Missouri fished very well with caddis and pmds. The mornings fished the best, but I was too tired to go out until dark…..I know the evening fishing was good as there were wade fisherman up and down the entire river. The trout are now educated and a fly first drift is THE ONLY WAY to catch them. Don’t false cast or spray them with water as they will go down instantly……….but if you are patient they will rise again. They ate rusty spinners and spent caddis in the mornings and would take emerging pmds through the hatch. Once in a while the trout would eat a dun, but I had my best luck with emergers in the surface film. Nymphing with caddis pupa and mayflies proved to be a very productive way to get trout to the net.

The Madison now has water and we are almost back to normal flows. PPL has been bumping the water up 50-100 cfs per day. The flow out of Hebgen is now 963 cfs…….thankfully. I floated yesterday and the river did not fish that well. When the river rises, the trout seem to go off the bite. We got a few nice ones, but we had to work for them.