Looking forward…..Fall is almost here.

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Fall Colors

Not sure where time has gone this summer, down the river I suppose.   Seems like it should only be the first of July, but here we are sitting at the third week of August.  Morning temps have been hovering around 35 degrees and a hint of Fall is in the air.  Upland Bird season starts in 11 days.  Stella, my 10 month old pointer, has no idea what she is in for.  Huck, the 10 yr old, looks at me with anticipation when I get the double out for a once over with oil.  Archery Elk Season starts in early September and I haven’t shot my bow in weeks.   I normally head out to scout a couple of watering holes this time of the year, but since the season has barely slowed down, I have yet to get out in the woods for a walk.  

More fall colors. September 2010.

 The Madison is moody, but the wade stretch seems to be fishing more consistent than the float stretch.  The NE Corner continues to fish very well on most days and walking will find you some solitude.  There are still mayflies emerging on the Madison and rivers in YNP……as well as a few Salmonflies.   The Spruce Moth has been producing pretty good action below Lyons, Windy and around the Slide.  Nocturnal Stones are hatching around Ennis and above, but prolific hatches are rare in most years.  I have seen a few wet shucks on gravel bars below Windy Point and this hatch should get our big trout looking up once again with regularity.  There are tons of little trout (3-6 in) eating flies on the Madison.  The big fish are there, but are sneaky….very sneaky.   Large fish, in my opinoin, become nocturnal over the course of the summer and feed on small trout, sculpins and dead insects.  Time of day and section of river is very important when fishing dry flies and looking for big fish.  Spruce Moths are lazy and need the sun’s warmth to get moving.  10’oclock is just about right for them.  Big fish will come out looking for the moth, but small trout are fast and not too weary.  Hoppers need the sun as well and the afternoon bite has been spotty, but good.   This should continue to get better and better as we head on through August and into September.   Speaking of September……..we are just about 4 weeks away from seeing the first Fall Run Brown Trout to enter the Madison River in Yellowstone Nat’l Park.  Last year’s run was unreal and I would bet that things will be the same for this year.  If you are planning a trip out here this September, now is the time to get things rolling.  We have openings for trips throughout the entire month of September while October is already filling up.    Give us a call!