Last Chance

by | Apr 30, 2011 | 0 comments

JJ Heames waits....watches...

 After watching the weather and making a few calls down to the Trouthunter in Last Chance, Jonathon Heames and myself hopped in the truck and went for it.  It was cold, windy and not quite the conditions we were looking for, but none the less, we needed to get out of the house.   We met up with Tom and Zac who have been fishing this river all winter long.  They too were looking for Blue Winged Olives.  Yes, the Henry’s Fork has been open all year, except for the Harriman Ranch section below the Log Jam – that is still closed.   The hatch was somewhat weak, but a few rainbows rose to eat the little duns which rolled down the river.   Refreshing it was to see mayflies hatching, even in the small numbers we observed.  A few good trout rose, but nothing consistent.  I chose not to fish as the knee is still healing  and wade fishing isn’t in the cards just yet.  Instead, we fished together and I acted as the watchman, looking for other trout to rise while Jonathon watched one particular rainbow who was eating mayflies every five to eight minutes.  Jonathon has been testing a prototype fly rod, that neither of us can talk about at this time.  Said rod is sweet and should be on the market this summer.  More on that later.

Jonathon about to release a rainbow.