With rain showers looming through the Madison Valley, we cruised on down Reynold’s Pass and made the left turn towards Lyons Bridge.  The foot hills and mountain meadows are beaming about a million different shades of green, luckily our recent afternoon rain showers will prolong the browning of the grasses, which is evident as the summer rolls along.  It feels more like the first week of June than it does the first week of July, and quite frankly I wish it was.  We put on the river at 2:00 pm and out of the gate they were rising to Royal Trudes and PMD Cripples.  We fished dries well past Standard Creek and then the bite dropped way off.  Switching to a rubber leg and serendipity, proved to work just fine all the way down to the ramp.  We caught a bunch of 8-12 inchers, but did manage to bring a few 16-17 inchers to the boat as well.

Salmon Flies are making their way up river and currently reside near Varney Bridge.  There have been a couple of randoms around Ruby Creek as well.  We fished the Big Bug for a while this afternoon and had no looks what so ever.  There were Caddis bouncing and PMDs came off until 3 or so. 

Things around here are about to be as good as it gets.  Spending more time on the river over the next couple of weeks is a wise choice if you are in the area.  Stay tuned for more reports on the Salmon Fly Hatch.