The time is now.

……….here in Southwest Montana.  Fall is in full swing all around us.  With the warmer Indian Summer weather just too stubborn to leave, I decided that my soul needed any early morning drive through the mountains.  I took some photos along the way, walked the bird dog, and just hung out watching the colors change as the sun rose up this morning.  Here is what I saw.

Morning Aspens in Idaho.

The Centennials.

Along the way.

River otters playing....and probably eating trout.

A rock column built in the middle of nowhere. 6 ft tall. 4 ft diameter.

These are my favorite types of groves.

One does not need to catch trout to enjoy our beautiful area……..although it helps.  The Fall angling is here.  There are big browns aggresively eating streamers early and late in the day.  When the shitty weather finally does arrive, the BWO’s will roll off the local rivers making trout rise.  October is one of my favorite months of the entire year…….right alongside of June.  Later this month, I will be headed to the Missouri for several days of guiding, fishing and a bit of bird huntn’.