Just another day…

by | Oct 5, 2011 | 0 comments

Madison Valley Morning

Yesterday the 5- 0hs and I floated from Pennington to Hell’s Canyon, fishing the Big Hole and the Jefferson in the same day.  You may be asking, “who are the 5-0hs?”  Both ER and Fella turned fifty this year, thus when I hang with them they are referred to as the 5- 0hs.   While the fishing was not epic, the day was fantastic.  Strpping streamers from ramp to ramp was spotty and we only moved one really big fish, but bagged several nice browns and a few good rainbows.  When we hit the ramp, the truck just seemed to lead us to the Blue Anchor in Twin Bridges.  After a couple, we headed over the pass to Ennis for some dinner and home. 

On the road to the Big Hole

In the inbox today, I recieved a few shots from a guide trip I ran for the Slide Inn this past Sunday.  I run a few trips for Kelly during the season and  if you haven’t checked out the Slide Inn, I urge you to do just that.  The cabins are great, clean and right on the river.  His guide staff works hard and fishes on their days off.  Ray, below, was a joy to guide and brought his A-game to the river.  He fishes the Madison quite a bit and it showed.   Thanks Ray, for making my job easy.  Aren’t those aspens purty?

Ray with a BBT from 3 days ago.