Jared Cady hails from Graham, Washington. He was born into a family who embraced the great outdoors and fishing and hunting were a big part of his upbringing. Early on, he found his calling on the river, displaying a natural talent for reading water and tying flies that would entice any species he targeted.

In 2004, at the age of 18, he headed west to West Yellowstone and began marketing his custom flies from its street corners to. Soon, his talent and determination caught the attention of some of West Yellowstone’s top fly shops. Since, he has been guiding every summer around SW Montana and Yellowstone, and is now a highly regarded guide here at Big Sky Anglers, with a very loyal following. He is known for his excitement, patience, fishiness, and ability to teach. As a certified casting instructor for the International Federation of Fly Fishers, J can work with all levels of caster, from the first timer to the most experienced anglers.

Jared is also the owner and Operator of Getm Dry Fishing Company, offering guided fishing for steelhead and salmon on the beautiful rivers of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. He spends the winter months braving the rain with clients in search of anadromous chrome. When not on the water or at his bench perfecting his latest creation, Jared faithfully makes time for family. He has not missed a fall hunting season with his father yet. He’s also one helluva country line dancer, but don’t tell anyone where you heard that.