Grey Willis with a Hebgen Lake Rainbow.

It might take a few years to dry out from all the rain which keeps falling.  I saw Noah’s Ark yesterday on the Firehole.  There were moose, bears, wolves, bison, deer and elk hanging out on the bow.  I think they were drinking Budweiser cans out of an ice cold Yeti Cooler which they probably stole from Headhunter’s front porch.  The rain is coming down right now as hard as it can, pounding the roof of the cabin as lightning erupts in the sky.

 I spent the past two days on the Firehole River looking for Salmonflies and swinging soft hackles with Tim & Grey Willis from Texas.  Spending most of the time with Grey made me think about growing up and all my experiences fishing with my own father.  Do your kid a favor – take him or her fishing.  It doesn’t have to be fly fishing, the point is to kids outside and experience the out of doors.