My sister putting her new nymphing skills to work.The whole family got together here in West Yellowstone for the 4th of July. My folks actually live here all summer long and my father will stay on through archery season this year. He gets out to fish about 4 days a week or more. Some folks would call him a bum. We floated yesterday and while the big bug fishing was spotty for us, he did manage to land a solid 20' Brown trout on a Golden and a few others as well. My Mom on the other hand is still a bit new to the scene, but really can cast a line pretty well. She had several nice fish eat her big bug, but getting them to the net is not in her bag.......yet. My father.

My Father.

 There are Salmonflies and Goldens just below Shelton’s Bridge.  It seems to be just a pocket of bugs but the thick of the hatch is between Windy and Palisades.  There are places where the trout are fat and lazy.  Remember the last time you watched Monday Night Football?  After the burgers and 12 beers?  Sitting on the couch with no intention to move?  Yes, the river is like that in places.  The caddis fishing was pretty good in stretches today.  The tan X was a real producer as well as a #14 Royal Trude.  We did not have that great of big bug fising today.  At one point we pulled over on a very productive bank and chummed a few big bugs down stream.  Not one got eaten as far as the eye could see.  We had a fair amount of lookers to our flies, but they seem to be window shopping…….should I buy the pumps or the heels????  A trouts desicion making skills can be like shopping with your wife………..sorry ladies.  The youngster in the back of my boat today, Chap, stuck with the nymphs and roped them pretty good.  I find that when the big bug bite gets tough, the trout will readily take small nymphs.  When teaching 14 yr olds, action is good.