You should be planning a trip to Montana, or better yet, you should be fishing.

About a week ago, Molly and I bought a house in West Yellowstone…..looks like we’ll be sticking around for awhile.   With a little help from some friends, we are remodeling the place with new paint, wood flooring, a little tile work and the demolition of a wall or two.  The old carpet and lament flooring are gone, the baseboards as well.  A giant hole in the ceiling is looming overhead and drywall dust has coated everything.

The bummer about buying a house in the spring, is that this is one of my favorite times of the year to get out on the river.  Any river will do, but during March and April I enjoy traveling around a little bit to visit places I don’t routinely fish.   Spring in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, while a little wintry from time to time, is so nice.  It’s still winter at 6667 feet, but if one gets off the volcano, there is green grass and dry fly fishing.

Oh well……we are stoked to have our very own place and this spring worked out for just that.  Plus, I enjoy construction when it’s not a full time job.

The Madison Betwix is, of course, fishing pretty well right now, as is the river around Ennis and down through Bear Trap Canyon.   River temps around around Ennis are fluctuating between 38-45 degrees, which is pretty warm compared to the prior several days.  These are temps that get fish moving around, on the bite and feeling frisky for a window of time each day.  Reports on the Missouri are coming in weekly and fishing up there around Craig has been very good and getting better as the river warms up.  Both the Madison and Missouri have solid flows and will continue to get better in the coming weeks.  Dry fly fishing has been decent from time to time, but nymphing is king.  Twitching a sculpin pattern in between swigs of a Bud will produce a trout or two as well.  This is best done while sitting down in the bow of the boat with your feet on gunwale. Twitch….strip in slack…..take a swig……..pause…..repeat.  If they don’t eat it, change colors and try again.